About us


Textile Recycling Limited

TRL Is a privately owned Irish Textile Recycling Company that has been in business for the last 23 years.
We operate Textile recycling collection Banks and Containers around the Country in approved private and Local Authority Bring Centres and Civic Amenity Centres. We service every site on a regular and professional basis. We also collect surplus clothing from Charity Shops around the Country. We comply fully with the requirements laid down by Local Authorities, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of the Environment. In recent years, we have also received support from the European Regional Development Fund. We work closely with Local Authorities to achieve our common goals of diverting Textile Waste away from Landfills and to promote the culture of Re-Use.

TRL were the winner of the South Dublin Chamber business in the community Award 2008. TRL was also the recipient of a FAS Employ Ability Employer Award in 2010.


It is essential to recycle textiles as they present particular problems in landfill. Synthetic (man-made fibres) products will not decompose, and while woollen garments do compose, they produce Methane, which contributes to Global Warming.

Worldwide Export:

As the clothing collected is of a very high standard, it is exported around the world for re wear and recycling. We co-operate with reputable companies in the United Kingdom, Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia. We would welcome enquiries from any interested purchasers of Used or second hand clothing as we are constantly increasing our collection levels without diluting the quality.

Beware Of Bogus Collectors:

It is important to understand that we a re a Fully Licensed and Permitted Recycling Company. Many door-to-door collectors of second hand clothing are collecting illegally, they have no permits. We have all seen the flyers, which suggest that they are Charity based. However, in most cases these are bogus claims. They are often local traders who sell 5% of what they collect in local markets and illegally dump the rest in our Countryside creating an Environmental problem. If you give to these bogus collectors and they dump your clothing and it can be traced back to you, you can then be liable for fines or imprisonment for illegally disposing of your waste. If in doubt, contact your local council.

Where We Are:

If your area does not have a Textile Recycling Facility and you feel it would benefit your Community, please contact your local Council to request one at the various Bring Centres in your town. Alternatively, please Contact Us directly.